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We understand the worries many people have about divorce court, where a judge who doesn't know you or understand your situation decides your fate and that of your children. 

We want to help you skip court and use a simpler method.  Trust Keith one of the first lawyers to learn and embrace collaborative law and mediation. By helping clients negotiate key issues on their own, he seeks to help them take control in a process that often seems out of control.

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The Process

Collaboration & Mediation Saves You And Your Family

Mediation also helps you avoid the risk of trial, protects your confidentiality, and can decrease stressful conflict. Mediation may also protect your children from the pain of parental conflict.

A collaborative divorce is a great alternative if mediation is not an option, and will minimize any influence of the courts and help keep family goodwill intact.



Another alternative approach, in an

effort to minimize court intervention

A process where the parties resolve

their issues through negotiation,

outside of court

Litigation and Divorce Court


A process where the court decides what happens to your family issues through testimony.  If you choose this, we can guide you through the process.

One of the most difficult times, when a family member dies.  We will help to solve the problems that may occur at this time. Navigate the process in connection with the death of a family member to lessen the burden on the remaining family.  

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What People Say

Valued Feedback

Barbara A. Schmidt

Director of Human Resources at OTTO Engineering, Inc.

I hired Keith to represent me in a divorce proceeding that I initially thought would be easy. As it turned out, the ex-spouse was losing his meal ticket and fought every inch of the way. Keith did a superb job of protecting my important assets in this case. Even though my ex-spouse made things difficult--Keith prevailed. I am happy to endorse Keith Morse and would hire him again should the need arise.

Sandra Crawford, JD

Mediator, Collaborative Law Professional

Adjunct Instructor at Northwestern University 

Keith is the comsummate dispute resolution professional bringing to his cases, his Collaborative clients and the Illinois Collaborative community his considerable knowledge and talent from both a bar and brench prespective. He is dedicated to the ideal of resolving disputes respectfully. It is a pleasure to work with him on cases and as a volunteer in the work of promoting the Collaborative Law model of conflict resolution in Illinois.

Gordon Ring

Law Office Of Gordon Ring

Keith is an top lawyer as an advocate for his client. He understands and applies the law as well as any lawyer I have opposed or work with in or outside the courtroom. He was and is a leader in mediation and he has also mastered this set of skills.

Gunnar Gitlin

Gitlan Law Firm, P.C.

Keith has excellent skills as a collaborative professional and is a benefit to the collaborative community.

Sasha von Varga

Keith is a dedicated Collaborative Professional seeking to help clients achieve the best outcomes by addressing the needs and interests of each client in a thoughtful and mutual process. Keith also works in the professional community to make collaborative practice a viable and accessible model for people to consider as they contemplate their divorce options. Keith is a forward thinking practitioner and is a positive force in the family law alternative divorce resolution process.

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Get To Know Us

Principal attorney Keith Morse has been in the legal field for his entire career, both as a judge and an attorney in private practice.


Over the last 30 years, Keith has been refining his practice and is a leading family law attorney in the Rockford area and beyond.  


The Problem- The traditional divorce process is broken


With his wealth of experience and courtroom knowledge, Keith saw first hand how divorce, through the process of the courts, has become too impersonal with your and your family’s fait decided by an over worked judge, with results often favoring no party.


The Solution- 


Collaboration and Mediation.  Over 20 years ago, Keith and many other attorneys worked to build a new process that allows both parties  to exercise more control over their future and their families future by either mediating a divorce or resolving it thru a collaborative solution. 


Emphasizing in alternatives to traditional divorce, Keith will help you determine whether mediation or collaboration are a fit for you and will guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Keith also has over 30 years experience in cases where substance abuse is involved.  He is empathic to these situations and his experience as a board member of two different substance abuse recovery providers has alerted him to the needs of families facing addiction.  He understands the importance of protecting minor children and other family members in these situations.

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